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Introducing PMC X-TAC 5.56 NATO 62 Grain Green Tip LAP Ammunition

PMC X-TAC 5.56 rounds contain the M855 penetrator bullet and are loaded with the SS109 steel core penetrator projectile under the full metal jacket.

This 5.56 green tip ammo effectively blends its lead core and hardened steel penetrator at the tip, resulting in less deformation upon impact than other standard Full Metal Jacket green tip ammo.

PMC X-TAC 5.56 NATO ammo fires from most AR-15 rifles, has increased stability and accuracy, and transfers less energy on the target, making it a great and relatively affordable choice for range training or hunting.

PMC X-TAC 5.56 NATO 62 Grain Green Tip LAP

  • Newly-made, reloadable brass casings
  • 20 rounds per box
  • Steel-tipped projectiles, not for use at indoor ranges!
BALLISTICS (barrel length: 20 inches)
VELOCITY (feet per second)
  • Muzzle: 3100
  • 100 Yds: 2762
  • 200 Yds: 2449
  • 300 Yds: 2157
  • 400 Yds: 1885
  • 500 Yds: 1637
ENERGY (foot-pounds)
  • Muzzle: 1323
BULLET PATH (inches)
  • Muzzle: -1.5
  • 100 Yds: 0
  • 200 Yds: -3.1
  • 300 Yds: -11.9
  • 400 Yds: -28.3
  • 500 Yds: -54.6
Ballistic Coefficient
  • 0.304
Bullet Length
  • 0.923
Sectional Density
  • 0.177

PMC (Precision Made Cartridge) makes incredibly consistent ammo with careful attention to detail, using polished brass casings, neatly packed boxes of ammunition, and reliable and dependable components.

All internal ammo components are made under the PMC umbrella of manufacturing, so they have complete control of their products. Military, law enforcement, and gun owners use PMC ammunition because self-defense begins and ends with reliable, consistent ammo.

Their exacting adherence to the precise specifications of military and law enforcement organizations assures that X-TAC ammunition will perform flawlessly in that fraction of a second when a serious threat arises and your life is on the line. Order online now!

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