5.56 NATO 55gr 250 rd Ammo Can

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Norma is military grade ammunition at an affordable price. In close cooperation with RUAG’s Defence and Law enforcement division, Norma produced a quality round that exceeds military standards. Smooth chambering and consistent accuracy makes the Tactical round a perfect choice for your everyday precision shooting at the range.

Norma Brass has become the household name among reloaders all over the world. A perfect blend of high quality copper and zinc, together with a long heritage of in-house developed manufacturing techniques, NORMA brass offers reloadability and consistency far beyond any competitors on the market.

Accurate and consistent performance
Smooth chambering and low recoil
Tested by specialists

This Norma 5.56 Nato 55gr FMJ ammo is bulk packed in a Plano ammo can. 250rds loose.

Manufacture warranty